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For the little ones

Cold items

  • Ham & cheese triple decker sandwich
  • Mini bridge roll with tuna mix

Hot items

  • Chicken sausage roll
  • Mini pizza with tomato, mozzarella, tuna & caponata
  • Chicken nugget with ketchup
  • Potato smiley with mayo


  • Yummy fairy cake (vegetarian)
  Vegetarian   Vegan    Lactose free    Gluten free

Price is per person. VAT included.

Minimum order for 12 persons

*Whilst our chefs have taken the utmost precautions to safely handle the ingredients to prepare items marked gluten and/or lactose free, cross-contamination may still occur since we use a lot of gluten/lactose-containing ingredients in our bakery; thus, since we cannot guarantee our products 100% free of these allergens, highly sensitive individuals should not consume the product.


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