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First Holy Communion Cake

Luscious First Holy Communion cake covered in white sugar paste and carefully hand decorated with a golden chalice, cross & purple grapes.

Need to be ordered at least 3 days before delivery/pickup or contact us via email on [email protected] or BETTER CALL MAYPOLE 22 581 581 to check if there is any availability before.



If you’d like a personalised message on please fill in the text box below. If left blank, the message will be “On Your First Holy Communion” (as shown in the image).

Personalised message will be written exactly as shown in the text box above. Kindly make sure that details are correct.

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Product Information

Small almond cake serves: 15 to 20 people
Medium almond serves: 25 to 30 people
Large almond serves: 35 to 40 people
Small bacio cake serves: 15 to 20 people
Medium bacio cake serves: 25 to 30 people
Large bacio cake serves: 35 to 40 people
Medium school cake (Madeira cake) serves: 12 to 14 people
Large school cake (Madeira cake) serves: 16 to 20 people
Small almond cake size: ∅ 22cm
Medium almond cake size: ∅ 26cm
Large almond cakesize: ∅ 30cm
Small bacio cake size: ∅ 23cm
Medium bacio cake size: ∅ 26cm
Large bacio cake size: ∅ 30cm
Medium school cake (Madeira cake) size: ∅ 24cm
Large school cake (Madeira cake) size: ▢ Length 40cm | Width 18cm | Height 6cm

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