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Our Bread

Traditional Maltese Bread

Maltese White Bread Large Maltese White Bread Small Maltese White Bread Less Salt Large
Maltese Brown Bread Large Maltese Tal-Kwart Maltese Brown Tal-Kwart
Maltese Ftira Small Maltese Ftira Large Xiklun

Sliced Bread

White Sliced Bread Wholemeal Sliced Bread Multigrain Sliced Bread
Loaf Gi Sliced Bread LoCarb

Speciality Bread

Rye Bread Bun Pitta Bread Brown Mini Pitta Bread

Deliciously Healthy

LoCarb Sunflower Square 1/3 Rolls Brown

Bread Rolls


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Bridge Roll Bullet Roll 1/3 Rolls White
Ciabatta Ciabatta Multigrain Ciabatta With Herbs
White Breakfast Bun Brown Breakfast Bun Crusty Rolls
Baguette Rustic Baguette Garlic Baguette
Burger Bun Large Burger Bun Hot Dog Bun
Kaiser Roll Brioche Bun