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The NEW Low-Carb Party Menu 

Published: December 10, 2021

Being invited to several parties and following a diet during the Christmas season is a difficult task…we all know that, however, there is a solution for this as well: The Low-Carb Party Menu! A party menu specially designed for those who are cautious about their calorie intake.

This menu includes:

Cold items

  • Asian veggie wrap (x2)
  • Tomato & traditional Gozo cheese skewers with basil pesto (x2)
  • New potato with spicy hummus (x2)
  • Quinoa salad with bell peppers, served in a shot glass (x2)

Hot items

  • Mini zucchini pizza bites (x2)
  • Tzatziki chicken skewer with Greek yoghurt ‘0’ fat (x2)
  • BBQ seasoned flank steak (x2)
  • BBQ pulled pork on a seed snap (x2)


  • Sugar-free jelly & vanilla cream with dark chocolate shavings

The minimum order quantity of this menu is 1!

For those who are new to the ‘healthy’ lifestyle, the benefits of consuming such items is listed below:

  • Cherry tomatoes are full of Vitamins A, C, E. Vitamin C helps prevent cancer and contains little sugars which is ideal for people wishing to control better their sugar levels. (Cecilia Snyder, Healthline, 2021)
  • Quinoa is well known for its high level of fibre, protein and that it’s ideal for anyone intolerant to gluten. (Kelli McGrane, Healthline, 2019)
  • Greek Yogurt like most dairy is excellent for bone health. For anyone following a weight loss programme, Greek yogurt is ideal as it boosts metabolism and reduces appetite and hunger when consumed. It also has benefits to mental health. (Ariane Lang, Healthline, 2020)
  • Cooked zucchini is particularly high in vitamin A as opposed to raw zucchini so the zucchini pizza bites are busting with other vitamins such as carotenoids. These may benefit your eyes, skin, and heart, as well as offer some protection against certain types of cancer, such as prostate cancer. (Alina Petre, Healthline, 2019)
  • Quality dark chocolate is rich in fiber, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, and a few other minerals. Dark chocolate may improve blood flow in the arteries and cause a small but statistically significant decrease in blood pressure. There is considerable evidence that cocoa can provide powerful health benefits, being especially protective against heart disease. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should go all out and consume lots of chocolate every day. It’s still loaded with calories and easy to overeat. Maybe have a square or two after dinner and try to savour them. (Kris Gunnars, BSc, Healthline, 2021).


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