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New Maypole Meat Balls

Published: May 10, 2018

The latest addition of our own product range is our convenient and ready-made Meat Balls. These are ideal for those leading a busy lifestyle and do not have time to cook.

Meat Balls can be used for various dishes;

  • As a party menu item with bbq sauce or sweet & sour sauce
  • With pasta & tomato sauce
  • Baked with cheese and tomato sauce
  • In a sandwich
  • With mashed potato and sauce
  • On skewers…and many more

Using the best ingredients and cooked to perfection by our own kitchen experts, rest assured that these meatballs taste just like you the ones you cook at home.

This new product can be found in all Maypole outlets in the frozen section.

Nothing says homemade like Maypole.


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