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Mrs Michelle Muscat Visits Maypole Bakery in tal-Ħandaq

Published: October 24, 2018

During an official visit at the Maypole bakery, Mrs Michelle Muscat thanked the directors and all members of Team Maypole for their support towards the Pink October 2018 campaign organised by the Marigold Foundation.

As in previous years, Maypole’s Bakers baked the special pink buns which were sold during the annual Bike Ride held in the first week of October.  The money collected, along with an additional donation by Maypole Directors, was presented to Mrs Muscat as Chairperson of the Marigold Foundation.

Maypole founder and Chairman, Mr. Carmelo Debono, welcomed Mrs. Muscat at The Bakery and commended the efforts made by the Marigold Foundation in raising awareness about breast cancer.

“Back in the days at the Qormi bakery, my wife and I used to get to know what was going on in Qormi through our clients at the bakery.  Il-Forn used to be a meeting place.  That’s where we congratulated people upon receiving good news, such as an engagement or a new birth within the family, but also where we learnt about difficult times some families were facing, amongst which was cancer” said Mr. Debono.  He said that the same is happening today at the various Maypole shops around Malta.  Since we’re part of the various communities around Malta, we feel that we need to help in making sure that community members are aware of the various services offered which can help identify breast cancer as early as possible.

Mrs. Muscat said that Maypole is an example of how one can help.  She said that unfortunately, a good number of women still don’t accept the invitation sent through the National Screening Programme to have a mammogram done at an age which is deemed to be ideal for prevention.

“It’s important that breast cancer prevention is given the importance it deserves.  Women, and also men, need to be aware about the techniques used to check their own bodies for any signs which might indicate danger.   There are various services offered which can help prevent breast cancer and we should all make it a point to know what these services are and encourage each other to use them” said Mrs Muscat.

Further information about the Marigold Foundation can be found on

All team Maypole members working at the various shops are proudly wearing a pink shirts aiming at reminding people about the breast cancer awareness month.


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