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Maypole to reduce 1.5 million plastic bags in one year

Published: July 22, 2020

Throughout the years, as Maypole became part of the Maltese community, we felt the need to be involved in an organized effort to contribute to a healthier environment for our country.

In fact, in the previous years, we had already implemented various environmentally friendly measures such as waste separation and recycling within our bakery and outlets, the implementation of a system that uses the heat generated from the bakery ovens and converts it into energy to generate heat or power air conditioning systems and the investment in hundreds of solar panels at our Head Office and bakery. With these measures, we have already reduced 200 tons of carbon per year from our operations.

Now we are working on reducing our plastic usage and remove up to 1.5 million plastic bags over just one year. This initiative was announced today during a press conference held at Maypole Bakery Head Office with the presence of the Minister for the Environment, Climate Change, and Planning Aaron Farrugia. As of today, all our outlets in Malta & Gozo will be selling Maltese bread in paper bags. This measure will not only benefit the environment but also the product since plastic bags do not keep the bread as fresh as a paper bag due to lack of ventilation.

We appreciate that this may be a crucial change in the way our customers are accustomed to buying bread, but we believe that this measure is beneficial for everyone.


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