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Maypole goes Alive Cycling Challenge!

Published: June 30, 2019

Maypole is supporting this year’s Alive Cycling Challenge who raises funds towards cancer research.


Participating in this Challenge is no joke. Each cyclist, apart from everyday life responsibilities like family and work, has to raise a substantial amount of money in sponsorship and train up to 400km a week.


Maypole is making sure the cyclists have all the nutrition they need during the Sunday team training event. Sunday team training, which at this time is cycling over 100km, start at 5.00am till around 11.00am with two half-hour stops where Maypole very generously makes sure the cyclists have adequate food on the check point and are well hydrated due to the intensive temperature while on the road.


Good Luck to one of our Directors, Mr Sebastian Debono, who is participating in the Alive Cycling Challenge for the first time.

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