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Malta Institute of Professional Photography at Maypole!

Published: October 15, 2018

The Malta Institute of Professional Photography regularly runs NCFHE (National Commission for Further and Higher Education) accredited courses. During such courses, participants undergo not only classroom lectures but are then taken to workshops in order to put theory in practice.

Recently, an interesting workshop was  held at our factory in Tal-Handaq. Here the participants needed to tackle different light situations, include the human element, handle low light and interact with the workers.

This workshop made up part of the MIPP Applied Commercial Image Award, a part time course mainly aimed at serious amateurs and hobbyists who want to take their photography to a more commercial and professional level and engage further into specific photographic genres with an aim of widening their range of technical and conceptual skills.

In collaboration with the MIPP, we also launched a photography competition for our 2019 calendar. More information can be obtained by clicking here.

MIPP Team at Maypole

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