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Published: February 14, 2020

It’s Valentine’s Day and the famous Imħobża is back!

The ‘Imħobża’ – Maypole’s Valentine’s love bread, has been launched last year and it was a big hit instantly. It all started from wanting to create a seasonal product related to St Valentine’s day and bread, something new and unique…and that’s how the ‘imħobża’ was born.

As KelmaKelma states, the imħobża is: “il-ħobża tal-maħbubin f’Jum San Valentin; magħmula minn imħabba u ħobża u magħmula mill-qalb”.

A few weeks ago, we also asked our Facebook fans to send us love poems and the best six were printed on bookmarks and are being given out to all our customers today.

The imħobża is available from all Maypole outlets until today only.

Happy Valentine’s Day <3


Valentine’s Day Poems

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