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Introducing Maypole’s Bread Bag

Published: June 25, 2021

As from today, each Maypole outlet will offer our clients the opportunity to purchase a specialized bread bag.  The bread bag’s main purpose is that of keeping the bread fresh, even at home.

Maypole staff members will pack your bread in the usual paper bag, and will then be placed in your bread bag, which is made of cloth.   The material used for both the inside and outside of the bag was especially made to keep your bread as fresh as possible, even at home.  Of course, this can be re-used repeatedly for all your future purposes.

We’re serious about our bread, and we would like you to enjoy our bakers work for as long as possible.  Make sure to close the bread bag adequately.

You can purchase your bread bag for €2.   When doing so, you will be given a free Maltese bread along with your bag.



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