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Fresh pasta coming up!

Published: November 8, 2020

Throughout the past months our chefs have been working day and night to finally launch our Maypole Fresh Pasta…. though there were a couple of sightings of a chefs pasta night these last weeks.

Our pasta is ready in just two minutes and, most of all, it’s Fresh!

Our lives seem to have an ever-increasing faster pace…but why should we compromise on the quality of pasta?!

We think that we all deserve to taste what pasta should really be like…our amazing chefs did just that.  Whether it’s a family night in or a nice pasta night with friends, we’d be honoured to be the pasta of your choice.

Our fresh pasta is available from all Maypole outlets.

For more information kindly call:  Better Call Maypole – 22 581 581

Shop online –


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