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Delicious Cake & Gâteaux Delicious Cake & Gâteaux

Delicious Cake & Gâteaux

Get the cake everyone is talking about

Party Set Menus Party Set Menus

Party Set Menus

Best food for special occasions

Platters Platters


A variety of platters to fit everyones's taste!

Maltese Bread Read More Maltese Bread

Maltese Bread

Keeping the same traditional recipe, our Maltese Bread is freshly baked everyday!

Welcome to Maypole

Maypole continuously strives to be market and consumer leader in quality food and baked products, whilst developing our heritage through innovation.

With a heritage spanning over 4 decades, the Maypole Group is a family run business operating within the manufacturing and distribution of food products. With a strong emphasis on bread and baked products, the Group has its own production facility located in Qormi Ħandaq, Malta. Maypole also has over 20 retail outlets based on a convenience store concept which are spread throughout the Island.

With a strong accent on traditional Maltese Baked products, the Group has always believed in the power of innovation and technological advancement. It is this careful balance of respect for tradition while employing the latest technology that has enabled Maypole to offer its Maltese consumers the classic food stuffs they are used to while ensuring quality, consistency and the latest standards in Food Safety.

Our Journal

December 10, 2021

Being invited to several parties and following a diet during the Christmas season is a difficult task…we all know that, however, there is a solution for this as well: The Low-Carb Party Menu! A party menu specially designed for those

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December 5, 2021

Our artisanal Panettone is back. Originally launched last year, the Maypole Artisanal Panettone quickly established itself as one of the most popular Christmas delicacies. There are many types of Panettone around and we had to make sure that ours, at

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The Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority (MCCAA) announced the winners of the sixth edition of Premju Servizz bi Tbissima during an award ceremony on Wednesday night. This year over 1,000 different sellers and companies were nominated across the four

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