Fresh Pastries

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  • Swiss Roll - Vanilla

    Swiss Roll – Vanilla

    Thin, soft and elastic sponge cake roll, filled with vanilla cream and garnished with chopped walnut and a touch of fresh fruit slices.


  • Swiss Roll - Chocolate

    Swiss Roll – Chocolate

    Soft chocolate sponge cake roll filled with chocolate spread, covered with chopped walnut and dark chocolate shavings.


  • Slice Vanilla Swiss Roll

    Slice Vanilla Swiss Roll

    Slice Vanilla Swiss Roll

  • Slice Chocolate Swiss Roll

    Slice Chocolate Swiss Roll

    Slice Chocolate Swiss Roll

  • Sinizza


    A Traditional Maltese sweet made with sponge cake, smothered in jam and liquer, filled with ricotta, candid peel, cherries and nuts, encased in a flaky pastry.


  • Rumbaba


    A famous small pastry of Neapolitan tradition made using a soft dough soaked in rum and filled with chantilly cream.

  • Roma


    Two layers of thin sponge cake with ricotta and candied peel filling, coated with double cream of white and milk chocolate.

  • Red Fruit Tart

    Red Fruit Tart

    A shortcrust pastry tart filled with custard and richly garnished with red fruits.


  • Mille Foglie

    Mille Foglie

    Three layers of flaky pastry, soft Chantilly cream and red fruits candid peel.


  • Profiteroles



  • Lewz Fjuri

    Lewz Fjuri

    Flower shape tart with cherry jam filling, covered with almond cream and topped with chopped almond.


  • Lewz Fjuri (Brown)

    Lewz Fjuri (Brown)

    A flower tart made with shortcrust pastry with chocolate cream filling and garnished with chopped dark chocolate.