Dry Pastries

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  • Torta Pastina Slice

    Torta Pastina Slice

    A soft and tender tart filled with pure almond filling.

  • Rasberry & Custard Puffs

    Raspberry Custard Puffs

    Flaky pastry filled with custard and raspberries coulisse.

  • Maltese Bread Pudding

    Maltese Bread Pudding

    A traditional Maltese bread pudding. Dense and compact in shape this pudding is composed using bread, generous quantities of dried fruit, almonds and cocoa.

  • Coconut Lamington

    Coconut Lamington

    An australian cake, made from squares of sponge cake soaked in raspberry sauce and coated with coconut flakes.



  • Chocolate Brownies

    Chocolate Brownies

    Irresistible cake made with dark chocolate and hazelnut covered with dark chocolate ganache and lightly moist filling.

  • Chocolate Balls

    Chocolate Balls

    A spherical confection filled with whipped cream, crunchy hazelnuts, and dippend into chocolate glaze.

  • Apple Struddle

    Apple Strudle

    This typical dessert originated from East Europe but with Turkish origin is made with strudel dough filled with custard, cinnamon spiced apple and sultana.

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    Apple Puff Turnovers

    Flaky pastry exterior with spiced apple filling.

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    Apple Crumble

    Flavouring sweet apples coated with crumble dough and oven baked.

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    Almond Tart

    A soft and tender tart filled with pure almond filling.

  • Almond & Rasberry Tart

    Almond Raspberry Tart

    Shortcrust pastry coated with almond cream togeter a raspberry jam heart.



  • Almond & Chocolate Tart

    Almond Chocolate Tart

    Shortcrust tart filled with pure almond and garnished with dark chocolate ganache.