Fancy Bread

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  • Bebbux


    Garnished with sesame seeds these small buns have a neutral flavour ideal with salty and sweet food.

  • Pizzini


    Twisted bread, crunchy outside and soft inside, with herb flavour.

  • Burger Buns

    Burger Buns

    Give space to your creativity!

    Extremely soft and tasty these flavourful buns are ideal for your burgers.

  • Ciabatta Herbs and Olives 2

    Ciabatta Herbs & Olives

    Crunchy and very light bread, flavoured with herbs and olives. Takes its name from the Italian word for “slipper”, the exact shape of the loaf.

  • Rosetta - Kaiser


    Small Italian bred roll with a characteristic incisions on the top in a rose shape.

  • Soya Roll

    Soya Roll

    A soft golden brown bread made with soya.

  • Ciabatta Olives

    Ciabatta Olives

    Individual portion of light bread flavoured with black olives.

  • Bullet Rolls

    Bullet Rolls

    With extended shape, these buns are soft and delicate, perfect for your kids school lunch or a flavourful hotdog.

  • Sunflower Squares

    Sunflower Squares

    A simple whole grain bread topped with sunflower seeds.