About Us

About Us

Maypole is a family run Group of businesses operating within the manufacturing and distribution of food products. With a strong emphasis on bread and baked products the group has its own production facility located in Handaq Malta. Maypole also has a number of retail outlet based on a convenience store concept which are spread throughout the Island. With a strong accent on traditional Maltese Baked products the group has always believed in the power of innovation and technical advancement. It is this careful balance of respect for tradition while employing the latest technology that has enabled Maypole to offer its Maltese consumers the classic food stuffs they are used to while ensuring quality, consistency and the latest standards in Food Safety.

The group is always looking ahead and ensuring it brings to market products and experiences in line with market expectations. Malta’s rapid evolution into a modern European country has meant that the cultural norms of our customer base have changed drastically over the last couple of decades and the culture of eating is no different from the rest. This means that Maypole continuously works to asses such changes and ensure it has a relevant product portfolio and shopping experience. Working closely with our suppliers the group is very proud of its Research and Development programme. The production facility is also doing its part for the environment and uses the latest technology in exhaust energy recovery to further supplement the state of the art solar and gas powered oven system. Through the recovery on waste energy the factory heats the required water and powers is A/C system.

Past success is no guarantee of future outcomes but the group will continue to push forward. We thank you for visiting our site and look forward to welcoming you as Maypole Customers.

Vision: Being market and consumer leaders in quality food and baked products, developing our heritage through innovation.

Mission: To consistently provide best quality and services to our customers while developing and investing in brand equity, giving maximum value to our stakeholders through good governance and social responsibility.